Sexy High Heels - The Fashion Icon of 2009

Published: 17th April 2009
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Frankly speaking high heels never really have been out of fashion. They have a sexy stylish look that gives women the feeling of being more confident and sexy. Moreover this look is most adored by men too.

High heel shoes still symbolize something though, the symbolism to be more of a status within fashion. Movies like "The Devil Wears Prada", emphasise fashion's role in society (according to Hollywood), and also make light of the fact that high heels shoes will always be the forerunners of high street fashion. In the movie, the ever so fashion conscious Editor of Runway Magazine, Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep), tortures and judges the fashion geek Andy (played by Anne Hathaway) with looks of disgust when Andy arrives to work in her flat shoes. Although it's just a funny part of a typical Hollywood movie, it does make it clear that as much as we like to glam up flat shoes, high heel shoes will always lead the way within the fashion world.

High heels is such a style statement for women which cannot be compared to any of the clothing articles. So lets check out the appeal of these sexy high heels.

What makes high heels so sexy?

There are a number of reasons which make the high-heeled shoes sexy. They are just perfect for a woman to change the way to present herself. High heels have the power to make a woman look taller and many times this also works to give a slimmer body impression.

High heels make a women look taller. Whether this adds to the sexy look is of course a matter of individual preference but from a women's point of view, especially if they are short it makes them feel more confident.

High heels also heighten the appearance of the calves due to the stress on changed angle between the foot and the lower leg . High heels makes the chest to push out and the buttocks to push backwards, causing the hips to sway when she walks which indeed is a very sexy look for men.

The sole of the foot is visible in many instances which makes the look even sexier for many men and if the woman is wearing high heeled boots than the point of attraction is taken to top of the leg and pelvic region. No doubt high heeled shoes or boots give a confident sexy and undeniably stylish look, but of course there are downsides to wearing high heels and these include:

There are number of discomforts that women wearing high heels are subjected to. Some of these include:

High heels can cause pain in the foot especially on the instep

High heels also restrict the movement of wearer in terms of speed

High heels can cause permanent damage to the feet and tendons if worn excessively for a long period of time

High heels can be more dangerous and women are more likely to fall if they are not worn properly.

But of course there is no need to wear high heels all the time and to be honest advantages certainly out weigh the disadvantages and you can actually be sexy stylish and comfortable to.

When you want to wear high heeled shoes do the following :

Choose high heel shoes with round, open toes and square toes, in the day as these will be more comfortable than pointed toes.

A chunky or wedge heel will be more comfortable and easier to walk in than a stiletto or pointed heel.

A thick sole can also allow you to wear higher heels and again is more comfortable than a slim sole.

Add a insole to the shoe for more comfort.

Wearing high heels is feminine and stylish too and there is always a place for them in every woman's wardrobe.

So girls - Present some attitude, sex appeal and confidence in your heels, after all its part of what being a women is all about.

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